Gradually popular decorative toast in Instagram is extremely cute!


Did you know that currently decorating toast is getting popular in Instagram?
Published 9 Dec 2016

This decorative toast looks extremely interesting and a lot of fun beyond description.
This way of decoration makes our breakfast enjoyable!e878fb0cc684c2455f063ea454b2b7a6

This decorative toast is interesting to eat and the cute decoration has increasing becoming popular.

Topping of fried egg with bacon adding cute facial expression, adding hands and legs, can turn out the toast into to the famous character, GUDEDAMA!
Bacon serves as conformer to enhance the decoration. The final image is indeed very cute! And everybody wants to post his or her image in Instagram.
Decorative toast that is extremely cute and beautiful. This is increasing popular in Instagram.

A toast of bread to go with fried egg.


We first toast the slice of bread and then to fry egg and bacon.
Lastly to use cheddar cheese to make the hands and legs.



Those who want to ensure both quality of presentation and have a better image of this dish can add other ingredients to make the hands and legs on the fried egg. Seaweed can be used to enhance the image and make a beautiful cute facial expression of the fried egg. Seaweed added to this toast enhances the taste and this dish becomes delicious.



Use a pair of scissors to cut seaweed to make eyes, mouth, etc.

Once this is done, you just dress these features on the fried egg.

Once the toppings are done, it is easy to make your favorite character.
Refer to this link for more detail.

More choices of decorative toasts!

Using cheese and seaweed, you can make Snoopy decorative toast that is extremely cute and beautiful. This is increasing popular in Instagram.

It looks delicious with fried egg layer.



My Neighbor Totoro


Toast the bread with Totoro character. With new ideas, you can make Totoro character beautiful and cute.



You can make beautiful flower using various kinds of vegetables.
Consider combination of tomato and corn to make beautiful flowers as seen in the books and magazines.

Lets’ start a wonderful day with making decorative toast!


If we have decorative beautiful toast in the morning, we will have a happy day!
You can practice various kinds of decoration using your multitudes of ideas.
Let’s do it to make your life wonderful and pleasant every day.

 - Gourmet & Spot

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